Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Heading to Crunch Time

Fox is showing W at his home. He’s smiling. Ugh. To think he may win based on the backs of Evangelical Christians. I can just barf.

Michael Barone reports on Fox that Florida is still too close to call.

MSNBC says Kerry is doing well in PA, but he really needs to win Ohio and FLA to have a chance. They agree with Fox that FLA is too close to call. Miami Dade has not been counted. Broward County has not done as well for Kerry as expected.

Of all the networks, only CNN’s anchor Wolf Blitzer, has been standing much of the evening.

Someone from the Kerry campaign (Joe Lockhart) is providing an update and trying to paint a smiley face on the somewhat nervous current results.

On MSNBC, they’re showing a building along which they’re pulling vertical red and blue ribbons based on the updated presidential results.

Olbermann is on again. I think he secretly would rather be doing NBA highlights on “The Big Show” (the 11 P.M. EST Sportscenter).