Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Bunning Loses, Bunning Wins

Some guys from “Newsweek” is wearing his coat while’s on air with Matthews. Either he’s really cold or has a big stain on his suit jacket.

Barack Obama is on CNN giving a victory speech. Anderson Cooper is now on—hopefully he’ll utter the words; “Jon Stewart is my daddy.”

Fox is showing a scene from Iraq. If Bush wins, they can sure say, “four more years” of foolishness in the Middle East.

Looks like Jim Bunning may be out in Kentucky. The Phillies job as manager is still open. So is a spot in the rotation.

People in PA are still waiting to vote in Berks County. That’s where Reading is located; maybe the factory outlets will stay open late.

I misspoke—Bunning will win. He can name Larry Bowa as his Secretary of State and Clay Dalrymple as his attorney general.