Tuesday, November 02, 2004

No (Wortwhile) News On Google

Google finally puts a pointer on its home page to Google News. The results are weak—a series of disconnected headlines. No map. Will Google wake up tomorrow and see that it needs to be a media company?

Yahoo! is doing a great job. MSN is now featuring MSNBC content, so it’s much better.

Joe Trippy, who I think was connected with the Dean campaign, is again talking about blogs. Chris Matthews is offering up the thought that blogs democratize the concept of editorial voice—he says it puts an 18 year old’s opinion on the same level as a 75-year-old experienced politico. Matthews calls it a “thundercloud of thought.” Trippy refers to citizen journalists in Ohio reporting from polling centers.

Fox has its right wing contingent spouting their nasty views of the world. No Bill O’Reilly in sight. Must still be looking for falafels.