Sunday, October 31, 2004

Da Iggles Are 7-0

With baseball done, I have to turn my attention to pro football. That means, the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are my third favorite hometown team after the Flyers and Phillies. Given the NHL is on strike, my focus will be on The Iggles (as they are called in Philadelphia).

I watched the second half against those nasty Baltimore Ravens (surely one of pro sports’ oddest nicknames). The "Never-More" Ravens have a convicted drug dealer on suspension and a one-time murder suspect on the team. Now that’s entertainment! I shudder to think of your boys in Baltimore with Jamal Lewis and Raw Lewis (not related) posters on their walls.

The Iggles won 15-10, but they did not look scintillating. TO (who does have a cool house, featured on “Cribs”) scored the winning touchdown and mocked Ray Lewis with a victory dance styled after Lewis’ “Freak Show,” which the loudmouthed linebacker does after every great defensive play.

Dick Enberg, a fading 69-year-old broadcaster, some 10 years past his prime, did the play-by-play of the game and needs to begin to investigate those Alzheimer’s drugs. Dan Dierdorf, the former Academic All-America at Michigan (and NFL HOF great), did color and was not at the top of his game. But then, I was watching in Hi-Def, so I wasn’t paying attention to the announcers.