Sunday, October 31, 2004


I noticed in my Sunday Arizona Republic a supersized, 200-page insert from Ikea, the popular Swedish DIY furniture store. Ikea is opening its first store in Tempe on Nov. 11th, which is inconsequential to me as I have no intent of visiting the store. Asking me to put furniture together is like… welll… insert your own ridiculous metaphor.

What prompted me to post was on the front page of the Business section, there’s a headline story about Ikea. The story seems to have no purpose other than to see how many times they can say the name “Ikea” in one paragraph. It’s much like how certain companies try to get their results ranked higher on a search engine by manipulating language and HTML coding In this case, it’s more obvious.

I guess, with the election only two days away, there’s nothing better to chronicle in the business world other than the opening of a store 11 days from today.