Saturday, October 30, 2004

For the Cause

Two hours and 50 phone calls later, I’ve done my part for the Kerry-Edwards cause today. I really am fairly sure it didn’t really do much for the campaign—I spoke to 30 voice answering services/machines, a few no answers, and some wrong numbers and about five live people. Only one hung up on me. The others were cordial, but somewhat pissed, as I was the third or fourth person calling them today about Kerry. Lo and behold, when we arrived home, there was a call on our answering machine reminding me to vote for Kerry on Tuesday. Our ballots are already in via early mail-in, thank you very much.

I told my wife the calling is rather foolish but I’m not sure what else I can do to help. My thought is that Kerry and Edwards campaign people need to focus on those swing/undecided voters such as minorities. I said they need to find some Phoenix-area Hispanic leaders and have them do a meet and greet at some high-traffic area.

Oh, I did start recruiting volunteers for the “Weiner for Congress” campaign in 2010. Really.

While our daughter (who was up last night til the wee hours at a friend’s sleepover) baby-sits in half-asleep mode, we celebrated by going to Corleone’s for a cheesesteak and then to Wal Mart for one of our twice-a-year visits. Yes, my wife was the only person there wearing a “Kerry for President” button. We bought lots of crap we don’t need (including the DVD of “The Lonely Guy” with Steve Martin for $5.50) but couldn’t live without. Yep, as my wife says, we sure know how to have a good time.

One more thing—we recorded and later watched “RV Today” on the Outdoor Life Network. It sure was hokey, but we loved every second!