Monday, November 01, 2004

The Anticipation Builds

I have been voting since 1972, and have not seen anticipation like I’ve seen for tomorrow’s election. To some degree, the power and influence of the media is behind a lot of the anticipation, but it seems to me that Americans truly are aware of what is at stake.

I agree with what I heard on the evening news yesterday—it will be a matter of “how it breaks,” meaning that once one state goes Blue or Red, a number of dominoes will fall. I sense it will not go “into overtime,” and while there will be protests and challenges, the winner will win by enough real margin to be declared the victor tomorrow night.

I plan on having my PC (connected to our wireless Wi Fi network) in the living room while I watch TV. I am leaning toward MSNBC as long as they don’t have the ancient Tom Brokaw on as anchor. We are Chris Matthews fans (as my wife has stated on her blog). I am only disappointed that she didn’t tell Matthews, when he was here for the debate that her husband also used to work for The San Francisco Chronicle.

Tomorrow night, I hope to post a continuous stream of thoughts to this blog…